Sunshine Coast with Colorado Kevin

From the furthest reaches of Fruita Colorado (well actually Grand Junction, but Fruita seems more glamorous) comes a visitor. Kevin is one of the first people Sharon and I met in one of the loveliest, friendliest towns on earth. Not only is Fruita a gorgeous town, it also has amazing mountainbiking singletrackand is home to Over the Edge Sports- perhaps one of the finest bike shops I have ever patronized.

Kevin has entertained in us on many of our previous visits to Fruita but this is the first time he has given us the chance to reciprocate his hospitality. Clad in virgin armour, he handled the North Shore’s Seventh Secret trailquite capably. Unfortunately since we didn’t bring a camera on that ride we missed several notable accomplishments – Kevin’s first log ride, Kevin’s first brush with death, Kevin’s first ladder bridge etc. You’ll have to look at the video on this very well-presented pageto get an idea for how the ride went on his first day.

For our second day, we are treating Kevin to a mixed bag of sweet West Coast singletrack mixed in with stunts. Off we are to the Sunshine Coast – a favorite haunt of ours – on a gorgeous day.

After disembarking the ferry, we climb our way up to the Sprockids Park where Kevin, a volunteer trail maintenance coordinator and builder of classic Fruita trails – checks out the local scene. This is his first teeter – totter – with seat up no less.

Off we then climb up Technical Ecstasy and Sidewinder where Kevin finds that green leafy things in B.C. don’t have spikes, thorns and things that make your tires go pffffftttttt.


Here I am on a small floater jump which interrupts the climb.

Halfway up the climb to the peak of Route 102 there is a signpost marking trails which allow you to either climb further or descend through the Sprockids park again.

The bridge by the Japanese camp is down so an alternate bridge has been built.

After finishing the climb to the top of Route 102; we climb part of Route 103 to Red Baron and descend. Here’s Sharon rolling a small bridge on Red Baron.

Kevin’s first air in B.C. testing out his Edge Cycles‘ flight characteristics!

After continuing to Janet’s Jungle we’re on to Cunning Stunts. A creation of a madman with cabinet-making skils, this trail gives Kevin his first double teeter totter.

Here’s how this looks from another viewpoint – this man is impassive! This time I did make him put his seat down.

Before our visitor from Colorado has time to recover, he’s on to another first – a totter.

and this time there’s a little more bewilderment on his face – what the hell are these crazy Canucks smoking????!!!!????

Then I lead him out on a regular old skinny.

and on the next first – a discombubulator!

which Kevin cleans of course – but we would expect nothing less from this Colorado hone-meister

and next a little huck which Kevin also on – sights; no problem!

and then on to a small roller coaster – which is summarily dismissed. Next obstacle please; bring it on you silly canucks he says behind those dark glasses.

but just as Kevin is starting to feel a little comfortable the Sunshine Coast hits him between the eyes with this next beauty

Going …..


Gone ….

Lawndart ……

I try, again ….. but I am a king of dabs on this damn swivel totter.

Kevin’s first sidehop.

His first .. well what do you call this? I don’t know what the heck this is really.

Following Cunning Stunts we climb back up to Route 102 and retrace our steps back down the hill and then we have enough time to hit a pub for a few quick ones and then on to the ferry for a ride back to the Mainland. Kevin and Sharon drink in the views.

The view from the ferry looking to Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver

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