Svalbard – Noorderlicht

Svalbard Sharon Bader and Lee Lau

April 27 – May 5th 2023

Part 1 Longyearbyen and Travel

The Noorderlicht

From Longyearbyen we sailed to various locations whose names I won’t repeat since they’ll mean nothing. The Itinerary was posted on a board and if you scroll to the bottom you’ll see how the days were planned there. We were led by the local guide Chris who worked with Tom to find the best locations based on weather to ski.

I can’t say enough about the crew, Marco, Lotte, Albero, Sarah and Isabel. They made our trip comfortable and were very accomodating and efficient. I’ve heard food was better on previous trips so I won’t fault them for the uninspirational meals.

We divided into three groups each day, fast, chill and slow. It worked out well!

My beer!

Our ULTRA Cosy rooms. Not much storage or place to hang stuff to dry off

Chris, Lotte, Isabel, Alberto, Sarah and Marco

Our Route!

Morning meeting to load dinghy

Getting ashore


Guide with Guns

Ships always in view

Tides out!

Going up to the Crowsnest

Polar Plunge!

Cool Glacier

Guides in Barentsburg – Tom, Emilie, Heather and Chris

The group

Barentsburg Brewery!

The Itinerary

Other Miscellanous Longyearbyen ski pics in a photo dump – click here

SV Noordelicht and ski-touring on Prins Karl Forlund photo dump – click here.

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