Switzerland Vacation – Flims Laax Day 4 The Panoramaweg

Today dawns bright, blue and a bit chilly. We agree to meet Linder at 10:30 at the Station Flims for a tour from Flims To Laax. After getting into town early, we took a gratuitous but scenic extra one hour bus ride up to Bergis, which is the highest bus stop on Flims at 1500m. Realizing I had misunderstood his directions…we took the bus back down and met him at the Station Flims Bergbahnen.

From there we took two chairlifts – Foppa and Naraus to 1800 meters, to climb/hike then ride a Panoramaweg traverse (one of many in Switzerland) and then ride back down to Laax.

Some buildings around Flims. The stark prevalent granite wall in the back is a remnant of the slide 10,000 years ago that created the Rhine Gorge.

Waiting at the bus stop for the bus we didn’t need to take.

Fortunately we make it back to Station Flims in time to meet Linder for a ride up the Foppa lift.

Then we take the Naraus Lift to the start of our ride at 1838m, The Panoramaweg.

This is a rocky technical traverse. The Gondola in the back is the Cassons Gondola which takes people to 2675m. Lots of terrain to ski in the winter!

We ride the Panoramaweg


Looking towards Laax

The end of the Panoramaweg is a granite rock climbing area. We take a short detour into the Pass dil Segnas.

The jagged peaks in the background are the “The Glarus overthrust – a major geological showpiece which remains at center stage in scientific research.” This is one of the main areas where mountain building was shown to be caused by plate tectonics. Within this is a hole called Martinsloch; with no real significance except during two times in the year when the sun shines through it and casts a beam down to the valley below.

North Shore skinnies!

Cool waterfall

Looking back down the valley

Then we go down.

Before the final descent (Trail 247)  into the trees we can see the valley we rode across.

We were here just two days ago! Final descent into Laax.

Then we pack up our bags, catch the bus to Chur and connect to Lenzerheide for some more lift accessed alpine riding! We had a Swiss Rail Flexi pass which gave us three free bus or train rides and 50% off subsequent rides. You still had to pay extra for your bike, if the driver asked…

Elevation Profile. ~1000m descending!

Flims Switzerland – Panoramaweg Flims to Laax at EveryTrail


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