The Infinity Pools Traverse – Cassiope to Joffre Lakes

The Infinity Pools Traverse in the Cayoosh Range – Cassiope to Joffre Lakes August 5, 2018

Deep in the Infinity Pool traverse from Cassiope – Saxifrage – Cayoosh ending at Joffre Lakes. Clearly the best alpine flow traverse in the world. 
360 alpine views and loamy descents linked woth flowy golden berms

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For more information see the map below and also these trip reports from Bivouac.

As do all good alpine traverses a bracing hike-a-bike starts you off right gambolling freely through the meadows. The mesmerizing scenic vistas of the Infinity Pool alpine flow traverse are beyond compare. The Place Glacier and the Duffey peaks are your backdrop taking in the wondrous beauty of the world and all of it’s instagrammable stunningness.

After gaining the ridgeline you work your way along the scree and granite offcuts of the receding Place Glacier past Saxifrage towards Oleg, Olds and finally down to North Joffre Creek "And remember, no matter where you go, there you are. " – Confucious #blessed

Meander along the granite slabs. The Infinity Pools will find you "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." – Confucious #namaste.

And now to the long awaited downhill. But first a moment of contemplation. "It does not matter how quickly you enduro, so long as you do not stop. " – Confucious #authentic

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