Vista Lodge at Golden Alpine Holidays – Ski Photos

March 31 – April 1 2023

Ski Photos of the Day

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Each day we divided into two groups, Sharon, Lee, Karen, Kris and Heather, in one group and Team UK aka Laughing Faffing Brits in another. Neil and Dylan took turns guiding each group.

Conditions were not bad considering it hadn’t snowed for two weeks although we were never overly concerned given Neil’s AFP (Always Finding Pow) designation.. We did get 2-5cm for the first 4 days with wind loading doubling snow totals and giving us a reset from the previous 2 weeks.

On our day 2 (a low vis day) we headed down valley to North Facing trees which were pretty well skied by the previous weeks groups. The N facing ridgelines off Caribou Peak are a wonder to behold and we skied 500m shots!

We were lucky to get variable vis the rest of the week which allowed us to explore the Alpine. The temps stayed cold and AFP found us cold smoke on all aspects even allowing us to get SE slopes pow; in April!.

On our last day GAH was getting ready to shut down the huts by restocking wood and flying out buckets. This allowed us the opportunity to do a heli bump to the Little Cherub glacier at an economic price since we shared heli-time with GAH. One can definitely tour to the Little Cherub terrain self-powered. However, the heli-bump gives you a 380m elevation boost and a 11.5km distance benefit thus allowing a group to do multiple glacier laps and time to take in views.

Fortuitously this also allowed one of our friends to be flown out by Alpine Heli and GAH when we had an unfortunate phone call regarding a family medical emergency. With the thanks of an Inreach, quick communication, professionalism of all parties (Alpine Helicopters, GAH, and the guides) he was able to get back to Calgary that afternoon and onto a flight home that evening to be with his family. This would not have happened without the generosity of Alpine Heli and GAH.

Front of hut

Day 1; transfer day is alway short – Solar Eclipse, Caribou area

Day 1 Team UK skinning up in the back

Day 2 – Caribou basin, Heartbeat. We started in the fog


Team UK making their way up Heartbeat

Lee on Heartbeat

Neil on Heartbeat

Sharon on Heartbeat

Lamb meatball dinner which became the next couple of days lunches.

Day 3 – Vista/Tombstone Col. Excellent Guide corners

Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse

Tombstone sunny run

Day 4 – Sunny run of Trundle

Col of the Wild

Col of the Wild

Breakfasts of sausages and eggs

Day 5 – Team UK on Vista Ridge

Day 5 – Sunbeam bowl, Guided by Dylan.

Dylan making awesome guide corners on the sunny side of Sunbeam

Day 6 Team UK on Vista Ridge

Day 7 Heli Drop on Little Cherub

Happy group on Cherub!

Going back for more.

Heading home. Little Cherub in the back

That’s all she wrote!

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