Another Blackcomb glacier meadowskip – Circle Lake, Spearhead, Phalanx

New snow 8 cms. Weather amazing. Huge variation in temps between shade and sun. December skiing might mean short days but it also means even sunny aspects ski so well. Obs from that day

Visibility unlimited, skies clear. Winds light from NE. Temps in shade -10; -4 in the sun.

Still some big slot complexes in the Spearhead Gl particularly at the bottom of Don’t Swill. HST 180 – 200cms on the glacier itself.

Skied SE, NE, SW aspects -all skied well with not even a hint of sun affect.”

Even the Poop Chutes which are normally pretty meh skiing were a fun run. Skied the 120 yr slide path which popped in 2010 downhill of the bench exit from the glacier and out.

Lee dropping down to Circle Lake. Ski cut the top convexity off the slope and it ran (not very far) on surface hoar on the storm snow interface

Sharon on Circle Lake


Dropping down to Circle Lake – everyone’s headed to Decker

So we looped around to the backside of the Spearhead to duck the crowds

Voila no crowds and a group making it over to Phalanx to set the Stairmaster bootpack

Lee up the Stairmaster

Sharon catching up

1065 steps to the top, 160m elevation gain

Meadowskipping the Phalanx Glacier

James Turner looks might fine in the background

Phalanx Glacier


Skied down the glacier and into a pocket of cold air at valley bottom

Into the sun as you loop around towards Poop chutes. 1 mm surface hoar growing

Ripping down the 120 year slide path

Taking pictures in the collection zone

Map of the tour on Everytrail

Blackcomb Slackcountry – Phalanx at EveryTrail


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