Backcountry Skiing in Whistler-Blackcomb-Duffey Dec 2012

Below is a summary of our Fall Skiing, Go HERE to see the photo’s on Facebook.

The year started out slow but then picked up! Then slowed down. But good stability meant good skiing.

With the first bit of snow but not alot of vis, Flute and Oboe are the place to be.

I’m trying out the new MEC Iconoclast 40L pack this year. Weighs the same as my previous 30L! Not bad and I can keep a water bottle in a thinsulate cozy so my water is warm for an extra 2 hours! I like drinking warm water in the winter…

Lee getting deep!

Singing pass has been good all year so far.

Our first sunny day brought us to Cayoosh and Swivel Chair, which is near Million Dollar but not really….

First you have to boot pack.

Looking towards the access and slope of Swivelchair from Million Dollar approach

Then you meadow skip down to some STEEP trees.

This is the new slide path off Poop Chutes to the blackcomb rescue road. BTW, Lee has an MEC Trifecta 25L pack.

We headed back up to the Duffey after Christmas with Tyler and Trevor, who now have jobs, so we had to ski alot over three days.

Tyler did well!

We did a little tour near Whistler on Sproat. Something you can do when the snow is good all the way to the village.

Snow was not bad on Sproat.

Tyler remembers how to huck!

We wanted to check out a new zone on Marriot it took some getting too.

But delivered.

Then it was New Years on Mt. Seymour! 18 yr Glennfiiddich FTW, unless you drink a whole flask which makes you fast the next day.


Links to our photo’s on Facebook:

Dec 7th on Chief Pascal

Dec 14th – Spearhead Phalanx Glacier Skip

Dec 24th – Swivel Chair ||  GPS Tracks on Everytrail

Dec 27th – Joffre Shoulder with Tyler and Trevor

Dec 28th – Sproat with Tyler and Trevor || GPS Tracks on Everytrail

Dec 29th – Marriot Motel with Trevor and Lars

Dec 31st – New Years Debauchery on Mt. Seymour

Misc Pow shots from Nov – Dec


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