Galapagos Island – Isabela Island Sierra Negra

Sierra Negra – Isabela Island

Overview || Day 1 – North Seymour || Day 2 Isabla Island – Punta Flores and Fernandina – Punta Espinosa || Day 3 Isabela Island – Urbina Bay and Tagus Cove || Day 4 – Rabida Island and Santa Cruz – Cerro Dragon || Day 5 Santa Cruz and Puerto Ayora || Day 6 Floreana – Post office Bay and Punta Cormorant || Day 7 – Santa Fe and South Plaza  || Santa Cruz Day Trips

One day we went on a hike to Sierra Negra, the most recently active shield volcano that erupted in 2005 for 10 days and created a crater 7.2kmX10km wide. It rises to 1124m. You can see the crater and nearby volcanoes with a guided tour. You cannot hike in this area without a guide. I found the guides to be quite useful and informative so it’s worth having them with you.

Breakfast at Casa De Marita

We booked a tour to Sierra Negra with Tropical Adventures in Villamil. This is a 5 hour hike, 16km ( out and back, ~400m elevation change ) The first 6km is an easy hike to Sierra Negra, the last two is more technical over lava to Volcan Chico. This was our ride up

The trail head. A policeman was there when we got back making sure anyone who was hiking in the area had a guide.

The first 6km are on a wide not so steep trail

The first view of the crater. We are lucky it was a clear day! Apparently its usually covered in clouds.

It’s big!

We continued our hike to Volcan Chico and a view of Fernandina Island.

Then we went back to Casa De Marita where I hung out on the deck and Lee went snorkling at Concha de Perla

He saw this sea tortoise AND a manta ray and penguins but his camera died!

Terrible Google earth image of our hike

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