Battle Abbey in the Selkirks – Billy Goat Bowl

Wednesday came in cold and blowing. Temps dove to -27. It wasn’t bad if you kept moving, but with the mixed group and higher winds at the ridges it was a challenging day to be out!

I did one run into Billy Goat Bowl and decided to take it easy the rest of the day while the rest of the group did two more runs for a total elevation gain of 2000m

My elevation was 1200m.

Skinnging up to Kings Landing


Photo by Arie Vandervelden

Billy Goat Trees

Lunch Time

Photo by Arie Vandervelden

Heading back up – look! All Scarpa Boots!

Photo by Arie Vandervelden

Scruff Troughing

Arie Tele’ing

More Scruff Spray

Lee Spraying

Photo by Arie Vandervelden

Photo by Arie Vandervelden

Battle Abbey Ski Touring – Billy Goat Bowl at EveryTrail

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