Battle Abbey in the Selkirks – Omoo and Never Never basin.

Tuesday we skied Omoo and the Never Never Basin. We checked out the Throne, went through Easter Island, and again exited via King’s Landing. We stayed on the south facing slopes on these colder days to get some warmth from the sun! The snow was great lower down, starting to get wind hammered higher in the alpine.

12km and 1500m climbing.

HUGE Cairns along the flat part by the lake.

Cool moonscape as we approached Schooner pass.

Never Never Cairn


Skiing to the top of Never Never Basin

Enjoying the views at the top before dropping in

Photo by Arie Vandervelden

Robson was rockin’ the split today

John was just rockin’

Photo by Arie Vandervelden

Melissa was a fallin’

Eileen was crankin’

Melissa on her feet again!

Arie, tele wankin’

Wayne air’n

Steven and Warren figure 8’n

Then we go back up

Photo by Arie Vandervelden

Our Tracks

Cresting for lap two

Backside of Never Never Basin


Sharon’s a haulin’

Then we go back up

Battle Abbey Ski Touring – Never Never Basin at EveryTrail

Elevation Profile

1500m climbing today

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