Chasing Fall some more – Moab Mountain Biking

Moab Desert Fix and Fall Colours

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Since our previous trips were in the Spring it’s not always possible to do the Whole Enchilada. This year was it! We self shuttled with Jaclyn, Andy, Karaleen and Bryan. Despite a couple flat tires, we did the ride in 6 hours. We rode back to Milts to feed. For future reference, the 7.7 miles Jimmy Keen trail cuts off the 1.8 mile road section of Kokopelli. If you look at THIS MAP, you should be able to do half of Jimmy Keen to cut out Kokopelli.

This photo intense document highlights the Whole Enchilada, Klondike bluff trails, our attempt to hike Fiery Furnace and our ride at Navajo Rocks.

Whole Enchilada with Jaclyn, Andy, Karaleen and Bryan
44km, 5:55hrs, 325mClimbing, 2200m Descending!
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This map also show you can cut out part of Jimmy Keen to bypass Kokopelli.

The Top at 3200m

Bryan getting ready to go!

Climbing in the La Sals to the high point of 3400m

Full fall Aspen colours!

Karaleen in the colours !

Andy seems pretty happy to be here!

Start of Hazard, out of the Aspen into the desert dirt.

View point for nuggy shots!

UPS section

The Snotch on UPS

More UPS and views!

Heading down to the desert

Karaleen and Bryan point to where we came from!

Milts FEED!


Klondike Bluffs and Fiery Furnace hike.

Klondike Bluffs are the closest system as you come in from I70. Its a nice convoluted, well signed tecky network of trails. This trip we also decided to do a hike in Arches at the Fiery Furnace. You have to get a permit to do this hike so if you want to go in a few days book ahead of when you want to do it. Also a phone is useless for navigation, there are few trail markers. They want to keep the hike natural, with minimal signs. They have a some, but IMO, it you’re not going to sign it completely, don’t sign it at all…

We started out well, following the few arrows, but somewhere I went off track and lost Lee… Lee went a bit further on the designated route, I went back and went it from the other entrance and got lost again.. maybe we’ll try again another time.

12km, 1:30, 310m
Homer, Alaska, Mega Steps, Nome
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Lee had a beer! Maybe that’s where it all started to go wrong…even though it was a 3% Utah beer…

Fiery Furnace Hike

5.2km, 1:33, 254m. My tracks are red, Lee’s are blue.

Hiking! What could possibly go wrong!

Look, there goes Sharon…

One of the many fins that all look EXACTLY the same.

Back at the campsite, I scratched my head on a tree… damn trees. Lee’s wondering why we didn’t just stick to riding…

Navajo Rocks 27km, 2:40, 440m
Ramblin, Rocky Top, Big Mesa
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We love this ride. For me it has it all. Amazing views, great slick rock riding and tons of fast flowy sections. This time we parked at the Big Mesa/Ramblin parking lot which makes for a nicer ending. We also skipped riding Coney Island, which has more sand and double track and rode up the road to go back in at Big Lonely.

Ramblin with vews of Monitor and Merrimac Mesa’s

Rocky Tops

Rocky Tops

Rocky Tops – Outerbike was riding here today.

Rocky Tops

Rocky Tops

This is the first spot I camped at here in Moab about 25years ago! Big Mesa!

Big Mesa

Big Mesa

Lee gets his ice cream! I get my beer!

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