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Moab Fall 2019 Desert and Fall Colour Fix

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Anthony Lakes || Captain Ahab || Dead Horse Point || Horsethief Area || Whole Enchilada || Klondike Bluffs and Hiking in the Fiery Furnace || Navajo Rocks || Scenic Hwy 12 || Thunder Mountain || Bryce Canyon

Well it’s Fall in Vancouver and we aren’t planning an overseas trip so what to do…. DUH! Head south to Moab! The previous two trips in 2017 and 2018 we were here in Spring. So it’s nice to mix it up and go when you can get into the Alpine without fear of snow.

The temperatures, especially at night, are also much cooler this time of year. Bring Down and a warm sleeping bag! As we did on our last trip we broke up the drive down by stopping at Anthony Lakes just west of La Grande, Oregon to check out the ski area trails and some other trails in the area. This is a good mid way stop since the campground is amazing and the trails are fun enough for a day of riding.

Once in Moab we met with some other Vancouver people who were also having a southern vacation. Jaclyn and Andy were away for two weeks, and Karaleen, Bryan and Spencer were on an epic vacation of over a month. That’s the way to see this country! We rode Captain Ahab and the Whole Enchilada with them. This trip we also checked out the trails at Dead Horse point, a State Park, and did a short hike at Canyonlands, a National Park. The Dead horse point trails are easy and fun with amazing views. The trails at Horsethief consists of a new trail – Rodeo, which is long and good for beginners, the older trails on the East side of the road are more interesting, IOP.

We also rode Navajo rocks AGAIN cause it is awesome. As well as Klondike Bluffs which are also good techy fun trails.

When it was time to leave we looked at the weather in Vancouver, which was for more rain, and decided to drive Scenic Hwy 12 and ride Thunder Mountain. EVERYONE should drive this road and ride Thunder Mountain. Some of the most unique country in this country. As we’ve driven this road a few times, each time checking out an attraction along the road, this time we took the time to do the 2-3hr hike to Calf Creek falls. If you were to take in all the sights on this 124mile road it would require a vacation in itself.

This photo intense document highlights Anthony Lakes, Captain Ahab, Dead Horse Point and Horsethief Bench.



Anthony Lakes Ride – Sept 27 – Two Dragons, Broadway, Hoffer Lake
24km, 7.10km, 2:30hrs
Click Here for Trailforks Ride Log

Campsite at Anthony Lake Campground. There are three other campsites in the area. They’re nice. No amenities though except water and toilets.


Anthony Lakes Ski area trails


Hoffer Lake Trail

Hoffer Lake Trail

Elkhorn Crest Trail

Got cold at night so we found some wood and made a fire.

Yup, it was that cold!

Spent a day in Salt Lake City hanging out in Gary’s backyard!



Our first ride in Moab was on Captain Ahab. We met Jaclyn, Andy, Karaleen, Bryan and Wade for this ride. All of whom were on their Fall vacations down south.

We did a lap on Captain Ahab, then Lee, Jac, Andy and Wade did a second lap on to Jackson and Rockstacker. I chilled by a river drinking beer, and Karaleen and Bryan took Spencer for a walk by the River.

Captain Ahab Ride – Sept 30
14.2km, 400m, 1:45hrs
Click here for my Trailforks Log

Add Jackson and Rockstacker – 27.22 km, 788m, 3h 25m (Jac’s Stats)

Pack Creek Campground Site 7. Make a reservation early!

Climbing up Hymasa

The crew!

The mesa in the back is why the trail is called Captain Ahab! Its a whale!

Rocks and views!

Lee showing that you can ride really slow… too slow… should have taken a video.

Punchy climbs.

Rock hucks and views!

Dinner at Fiesta Mexicana

Dead Horse Point

Dead Horse Point Ride 16.3km, 170m 1:34hrs
Intrepid, Big Chief, Prickly Pear, Prickly Pair,
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Well signed system with amazing views.

Then we drove to Canyonlands and did a short hike to Grand View Point Overlook

Short hike in Canyonlands



Horsethief Bench

We’ve never ridden this area except as a start to Mag7. This is a nice loop, the trails east of the road are more interesting, the new trail Rodeo would be great for beginner riders. Lots of Crypto on the trail which was cool! This area is more dirt riding rather then rock.

27km, 2:34, 370m
Chisholm, Whirlwind, Buckaroo, Mustang, Rodeo
Click here for Trailforks Log

Again well signed and good staging areas.

Views never suck.

One techy spot on Rodeo!

Big cryptobiotic crust.

Our campsite!

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