Oslo – Summer in Norway

Oslo Aug 22 2019

Beitostolen || Åndalsnes

From the coast to Oslo we stopped for a ride at Formokampen. When a local says you HAVE TO do this ride on a trail built 200 years ago by farmers to bring their livestock to the alpine for grazing with NO IDEA they created the Perfect Mountain Bike descent. One must stop to remember those that came before us who worked hard all their lives and created something out of necesity that we now careen down on our expensive mountain bikes.

One hazard on this ride are the stone-lined pits and stone funnel traps used for trapping reindeer, most likely during the Viking Age and early Middle Ages. These pits were designed to capture reindeer from any side and were strategically camouflaged and nestled into the landscape. 

With a high point of 1445m, we descended to 443 on a mix of alpine rocky trails, fast fields and the final switchback descent to the road.

Tesla E-shuttle

Geir the Stoked Norwegian!

We ride, push from Putten Seter to the windy summit

We go up.

The Rocky Top

Hikers enjoying the summit view.

Would suck to fall on these rocks.

We go down

Into the forest following the legacy of the farmers from centuries ago

Ride don’t slide!


We get to Oslo for the final leg of our Norway trip. We meet up with Helge and Per who we met a few years ago skiing in Revelstoke. Say what you will about Facebook, its a good way to keep in touch with people you’ve met on past trips, so you can have future trips!

Nice thing about Oslo trails is that the riding areas are also cross country ski areas in winter so there are a lot of trails to choose from. Also Oslo has a great transit system so we took the Metro to the start of a ride and a different station at the end. The extent of the trail system is illustrated on this Map.

We rode in Oslo for two days, first we met and rode through Frogner Park famous for the Vigeland Sculptures within. So much nudity! Then hopped on the Metro and headed east for a ride from Bogerud Station. The trails are very convoluted and very natural. Due to the short riding season and that there are not a lot of riders into this kind of technical trail riding, the trails stay very natural. We rode for about 4 hours, then we caught another metro at Skullerud and back to Oslo center. The next day we went to a area North of town called, Lillomarka, where we rode more convoluted technical trails for another 4 hours. The next day we took a day off of riding and spent a day playing tourist in Oslo.



Per and Helge at Frogner Park

Frogner Urban





Lunch at a small restaurant in the forest

The next day we again took the Metro and got off at Linderud, janked around for four hours when I bailed and took the Ammerud Metro back home.


Metro, so good.

How to load your bikes on the Metro

Touristing in Oslo! Very nice city.

Beer on our balcony! Thanks Helge for the Hospitality!

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