Whistler Misc Pow Days of 2006

Miscellanous stuff
from 2006
|| Whistler January 8 || Flute January 12 || Whistler January 14 ||

Whistler January 8

Ho hum another day of powder in Whistler marking the 19th straight day with 5cms or more of new snow. Not a ton of snow but still fun. Sharon on Paleface

Sven coming down the gondola liftline

Then we’re off to Ratfink. Dorothy cuts in front of Sven

The group on Ratfink – dust on crust

Flute January 12th

Skied today Flute – Flute Backside (Se slopes down to Oboe Creek) up to Oboe then the east slopes through the trees to Singing Pass trail. Then another lap down from Peak chair to Bagel Bowl to Peak to Creek. TONS of snow; wind-transported light (well for us) fluffy goodness insanity down through Flute and Oboe. Not too shabby too in Peak to Creek. More to come 12.01.06 1823 m; overcast; winds SE 5-10 10:40am Slope 38degrees; NE; Snow depth 245 CTM 16 at about 55 cms and 65 cms both not SP or CS. No results down below – didn’t worry about temps so excuse the lack of other data. I also kicked the cornice in the to middle portion of the slope down from Flute Backside to Oboe Creek loose; it had formed nicely and released satisfyingly easily. Since it dropped on to a bench it didn’t run very far.

No sluff; reaction or any naturals seen on anything we skied but viz was moderate to poor

Sharon on Flute



Lee on Oboe

Whistler – January 14, 2006 – 30cms new; 60 cms in 48 hours

After a rather epic uncrowded day of skiing 30cms of deep pow in the trees on Blackcomb the day before, we were greeted by another 30cms of snow, this time on Whistler.

Huge crowds as Baker was shut for avalanche control. Apparently highway lineups were insane. I capped off the first run of the day by breaking my Goode’s on Upper Insanity.

Back down the Creekside Gondola I go and back home to get my Tankers.

My group hasn’t made much headway due to crowds so I farm the T-bars then get back to them in time to line up for the Peak. 20 minute wait and we’re loading and its our turn to farm Surprise. Huge open powder bowls with no-one in front of me = Happy Lee. We do another lap and while all the sheeple are on Shale Slope find freshies again on Surprise.

After a bit more powder farming on some secret spots we finally slow down enough for me to get some shots on a nice untracked sloe that shall remain nameless. Here’s


Then comes Ron

On our last run of the day, Frank finds us some blower snow using his Jedi Squamish mind tricks.

Here’s Sharon

We finish up with Upper Khybers then ski out with rubbery legs to Creekside in the sun and a fresh dusting on Sproat Flank and the Callaghan.

|| Whistler January 8 || Flute January 12 ||Whistler January 14 ||

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