Valley trails and Whistler Bike Park conditions

Valley trails and Whistler Bike Park conditions – Whistler, BC July 29, 2013.

It’s now been a month since the last rains and we’re faced with a new challenge that’s unusual for locals; powdery dry trails! Fire conditions are EXTREME. This means what it means; high risk of fires. As well as trails, snow has receded from all but the higher alpine so alpine flowers are blooming. Horseflies and mosquitoes are also having a wonderful time so your buddy with a flat tire will have be entertained while she/he is doing trailside repairs.

Bike Park conditions can be checked here. As always get your trail maps for Whistler’s valley trails from WORCA, or get the Finestone guide book to the Valley trails.

Bike Park lower mountain

As expected trails are dusty. But even the usually slippery wood is ego-boosting. Trail crew’s done a fantastic job on the lower angle trails (not much can be done with higher angle trails or braking bumps when its this dry) so seek out trails with shade if you want to keep it smooth.

Whistler Bike Park Lower Mountain July 28, 2013 from Lee Lau on Vimeo.


Bike Park Garbanzo and Top of the World

As of this week, some of the higher portions of the Garbo trails are closed due to maintenance on the Red Chair’s lift towers and infrastructure. Notably, Blue Velvet has been a smash hit. Expect lots of traffic on it on the weekends and remember we’re all in this to have fun so chill. Predictably, the double blacks and steeps are less crowded and also have terrific traction due to it being so dry. Now’s the time for you to clean Goat’s Gully.

Top of the World‘s alpine flowers are in full force.

Garbanzo Zone – July 28, 2013 from Lee Lau on Vimeo.

Coffee and cake to start the day

Alpine flowers are out

Views abound

Alpine meadows and the Black Tusk

Yet more stunning views

Valley trails

Pick the trails which are usually a little damp and a bit soggy and they’ll still be tacky and ride well when its this dry. These were on Yummy Nimby and Comfortably Numb.

Forecast still shows no rain so enjoy the cycle of bike riding and lake dipping.

Saturated green colours

Turner Czar on the rocks

Yet more rock faces

Requisite punch climbs on Comfortably Numb

Natural rock berms

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