Chilcotin Rambles – Taseko to Spruce via Powell Day 1 – Taseko to Marian Lake

Chilcotin Rambles – Taseko to Spruce via Powell (August 14 – 18, 2013)

Day 1 – Taseko to Marian Lake

Pictures by Lee and Trevor Hawkins

|| Day 1 – Taseko to Marian Lake || Day 2 – Marian Lake – Battlement Ridge || Day 3 – Marian – Powell – Tosh – Lorna || Day 4 – Lorna to Spruce || Day 5- Spruce and out ||

Trevor, Lee and Bryce did some self-supported Chilcotin rambles. 5 days and 4 nights of taking our bikes for a walk and occasional pedal


Taseko Lakes – Marian Lake – Powell Pass – days 1 to 3

All this ….

Fit into this Alpine Threadworks Selkirk 35 pack

Generic overdone floatplane shot

Generic fisheye floatplane shot over the Warner drainage looking S towards the Lord Glacier

Denain right below you, Feo Spur to pic left, Rae Spur to pic right. . That drainage isn’t named on a map

Powell Creek drainage – we will go up there (very, very slowly)

Delivered to Taseko Lake 

Powell Creek.

“Trail” is about 100m west of Powell Creek

One of a handful of rideable sections of the Powell Creek trail

An average section of the Powell Creek trail 

Hey Lee – didn’t you say you think it’ll be four hours to Marian Lk? How come we’re just 2/3rds there with 1/2 the climb still to go?

Generic Chilcotin hantavirus hut about a 1/3rd of the way up Powell Crk

Good buddy grizz

Frolicking in the meadows in the Powell Creek valley

Guys this will go a lot faster if we just don’t give a shit about keeping our feet dry

Marian Lake – 1900m

Alcoholic celebration in the sun

By the time we had dinner and setup camp it was time to have a fire


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