Chicken Knob and Baldur Trees Zone 1 – Sol Mountain Lodge

Sol Mountain Touring

Day 4 and 5 – Tour of Zone 1

We are now in the middle of a deep freeze. With temps in the -18 range, blue skies and winds that had knocked out the snow in the alpine, we chose to ski the trees in the Chicken Notch and Baldur zone. This is a cool area with 300+ meter shots of pow, hucks and fun terrain. If conditions allow you could even get into this area from higher up for even longer runs. The cold temps made the skiing lower in the trees the best.

Day 4 –

Chicken Knob, Funky Chicken, Baldur Glades, Bear Creek The snow was so perfect below treeline we did repeated laps off Chicken Knob, Funky Chicken and Back of Beyond. A wee bit of a long pleasant ramble back to Sol Mountain Lodge from Bear Lake. Same conditions as last few days. Temps -12 to -18 Skies clear. Snow is so fast, every pillow is a sender. Cold sinks in valley. Surface hoar growth in valley but not much of that higher

Day 5 –

Baldur Trees Yet more perfectly spaced trees in the Monashees at Sol Mountain Lodge. Multiple 300m laps still possible in the Baldur area in perfect pow 2 weeks after a dump. Even colder today. -20 today. Almost no wind. Fast fast snow. Ended with a sunset Shiraz Lap

More Allison breakfast Awesomeness

Chillin at Breakfast

Packing Lunch

View towards Mission Ridge from Baldur area

Tough skin, you could access this area the way we went the next day and ski across a nice bench to get to Chicken Knob

Baldur in the background where you could go if conditions were good.

Looking towards Baldur zone, you could get to here from over there.

Chicken Knob looking east towards Bear Lake

Chicken Pow!

Chicken Pow!

Chicken Pow!

Lee and Stu came back in the dark. Gregor and I came back earlier.



My birthday cake! Thanks Allison!

Morning getting ready for Baldur Zone

Down Back of Basics to the creek

Baldur Pow

Baldur Pow

Baldur Pow and hucks

Baldur Pow

Baldur Pow

Baldur Pow and Jessie zone

Baldur Pow


Views Abound!

The Sauna

The Sauna

Lee and Jessie on a sunset ski down Shiraz, can you see the lodge?

Lee and Jessie on a sunset ski down Shiraz

Route of Day 4 – Chicken Knob

Route of Day 5 – Baldur Trees

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