Chilcotin Rambles – Taseko to Spruce via Powell Day 3 – Marian – Powell – Tosh – Lorna

Chilcotin Rambles – Taseko to Spruce via Powell (August 14 – 18, 2013)

Day 3 – Marian – Powell – Tosh – Lorna

Pictures by Lee and Trevor Hawkins

|| Day 1 – Taseko to Marian Lake || Day 2 – Marian Lake – Battlement Ridge || Day 3 – Marian – Powell – Tosh – Lorna || Day 4 – Lorna to Spruce || Day 5- Spruce and out ||

Today we rode out with heads held high hoping for good weather. Good weather fled to other places and storms partied over the passes. The ride was characterized by high winds, storm clouds but many nice breaks chasing us up Powell Creek to Powell Pass (2230m) then down Tosh Creek to Big Creek. High alpine winds put paid to our plans to get up to Cluckata Ridge to walk our bikes along more ridgelines.

We settled for high-tailing it to Lorna Lake where we set up camp and sat out the night in surprisingly calm weather in the valley floors

Started out nice at Marian Lake as we packed up to head out

Heading out – some storm clouds on the horizon but we thought they were dissipating

Mostly pushing the bikes as we contoured to Powell Creek’s higher reaches

Linked up to the trail from Powell Pass

Some animal that didn’t have a good day on Powell Creek

A N facing vestigial glacier off Battlement Ridge

Continuing on to Powell Pass as wind picked up

We wanted to hunker down at Powell Pass and take in the view but a massive system was coming up valley so down we go descending to Tosh Creek

Alternated waiting at convenient tree-stands …

and heading down Tosh Creek in the windows of good weather — Cluckata Ridge is on our right with the storm clouds pouring over it

Approaching Grant Creek with Elbow Ridge and Peak in the backdrop

Camp close to Lorna Lake. Butter makes everything taste better!



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