Chilcotin Rambles – Taseko to Spruce via Powell Day 4 and 5- Lorna to Spruce then to Tyax


Chilcotin Rambles – Taseko to Spruce via Powell (August 14 – 18, 2013)

Day 4 and 5- Lorna to Spruce then to Tyax

Pictures by Lee and Trevor Hawkins

|| Day 1 – Taseko to Marian Lake || Day 2 – Marian Lake – Battlement Ridge || Day 3 – Marian – Powell – Tosh – Lorna || Day 4 – Lorna to Spruce || Day 5- Spruce and out ||

Rain and storms welcomed us back to the more travelled parts of the South Chilcotin. Lorna was a new area for Bryce and Trevor showing them glimpses of what could be adventured in the surrounding mountains. Poor weather (no planes could fly that day due to winds and rains) closed down the skies. At one point after dropping off rain-soaked Lorna to Tyax we debated whether we could make the push to Tyax in one straight shot.

Fortunately the weather broke in the late afternoon and we enjoyed sun back at our Spruce Lake camp. On our last day we rode out the trad Gun Creek Meadows trail and back to Tyax.

Lorna camp

Bryce had suggested we not stay at Lorna Lake proper as the bad weather appeared to be concentrated there. That was a correct perception as Lorna Lake’s campsite proper was soaked when we got there next morning


Last dry stream crossing of a Big Creek tributary


Pushing up to Lorna Pass

Wow this weather sucks

Down we flee

Usually the views here are astounding. We had planned to ridge ride Lorna – Elbow but that plan was bagged

Wet at Tyax’s Bearpaw camp. Hiding below the shelter while the worse of the storm blew through was a godsend

Dry spell broke out at Tyax Cree


and the weather holds at Spruce Lake

Fire restores spirits

Rode out Gun Meadows through cloud

and then to Tyax to end it off

Video – all 5 days

Taseko to Tyax Lakes Aug 15 – 19, 2013 from Lee Lau on Vimeo.




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