CTrail, Grafton DH and Guacamole

Utah Fall Trip 2022

Timpanogos and Richfield || Brian Head || Thunder Mt and VRRT || Little Creek and Page Rim Trail || Santa Fe || White Pocket || Gooseberry Mesa || Ely, Nevada

The weather turned unsettled so we bailed on the camping and went to Cedar City to stay at Kent’s place. Cedar City is a pretty central location to ride in this area. We stayed at the Best Western the the previous spring when we got weathered out in Richfield. There are three areas to ride in Cedar City ( Three Peaks, Iron Hills, Thunderbird Canyons ) as well as pretty easy driving to Brian Head and the Mesa’s.

In the morning Kent shuttled us up to the C trail which was covered in snow in May when we rode here. As we had ridden most of the Mesa trails except the Grafton DH we took the opportunity to shuttle it up Cry Baby Hill. Which was quite rough and required a good clearance vehicle. Grafton DH is definitely worth the ride. Bring your A-Game. Next time we might just ride the loop as its not a long way, just rough.

After riding the Grafton DH we rode the Guacamole system. We’ve never ridden this so thought it would be a good opportunity. It was OK in my opinion but I could have just been tired on ride three. Cedar City has some pretty good restaurants too. After these rides we ate at the Brick House Cafe.

  • Ctrail – 9.4km, 700m Descent, 25m Climbing
  • Grafton DH – 6.6km, 414m Descent, 63m Climb
  • Guacamole – 16km, 260m Descent and Climb.


Grafton DH

Lazy Money

Lazy Money

Dig It

Dig It

Dig It

Dig It

Top of Grafton DH


Guacamole Parking Lot.

Levi is good at bike maintenance…

Cool Rock

Dinner at Brick House Cafe

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