Brian Head Shuttle

Utah Fall Trip 2022

Sept 27

Timpanogos and Richfield || Grafton DH and Guacamole || Thunder Mt and VRRT || Little Creek and Page Rim Trail || Santa Fe || White Pocket || Gooseberry Mesa || Ely, Nevada

From Richfield we drove about two hours to Panguitch Lake in Brian Head. There is NOTHING open after the September long weekend in this area since it could snow. There is also VERY LITTLE cell service. We found a great spot off rd 044 where there is a field where people camp. The Burger Barn had their WIFI on so you could get some WIFI here. Wade and Allison parked their RV at the Aspen Cove Resort, which had WIFI, but was closed but allowed people to stay there. The next day we arranged to shuttle the three main trails there.

  • Blowhard, 10km, 126m climb, 1064m Descent
  • Bunker 21km, 185m climb, 1000m descent
  • Dark Hollow. 20km, 48m climb, 1400m descent – last section is on a road. Dark Hollow Proper – 8.6km, 650m Descent.

For the Shuttle we left our truck at the bottom of Bunker Hill and met Kent and Levi at the top of Blowhard. They came from Cedar City and dropped a truck off at the bottom of Blowhard. We then rode Blowhard and drove back up to retrieve the Truck at the top of Blowhard, we then drove a truck to the bottom of Dark Hollow. Then drove to the top of Bunker/Dark Hollow. We then Rode Bunker, came back up in our truck to the top of Dark Hollow, then rode Dark Hollow then back up and done. Not bad when you have 3 trucks, actually 4 since Allyson drove us up to the top of Blowhard and then did her road ride.

Rough camping on Rd 044

Map of camping location

Top of Blowhard

Blowhard views!

First shuttle return

Top of Bunker/Dark Hollow



Dark Hollow

Dark Hollow Road

Brian Head Drive!

Sunset at Cedar Breaks



Dark Hollow

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