Della Creek – Lillooet – or dumbing down the ruggedness


Kevin Aitken, Chris Davey (with young Mr Wynn Davey), Sharon and I went in two weeks ago to cleare out blowdown and fixed some spots. We didn’t have time to ride it so went back yesterday and banged out laps.





Summit supervising the dentist berm

Dentist berm

Debated the teeter totter addition

but wisdom prevailed

Another new dentist berm

The ride – May 17, 2014

Della May 17, 2014 from Lee Lau on Vimeo.

Jaclyn and Andi skipped a day of bathroom renos to indulge in 7 laps.   Ewan joined to show us how to corner.  Must have rained a bit on the previous work. Berms set up well but getting powdery to the end of day

Here are some stats about Della:

  • Trail length is 7.3km (all but 320m on singletrack)
  • Total vertical drop is 1164m (3818 feet)
  • The trail has two distinct portions both of which can be shuttled. The top portion starts in subalpine at 1512m (4,960 ft.). The bottom portion starts at 1270m (4,166 ft.) and descends to 348m. (1,141 ft.)
  • Our average speed on these runs was 41 kmh with 25 – 30 minutes of downhill descending. You will almost always beat the shuttle driver down.
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