Duffey – Heartstrings

With clearer skies and good stability we opted to check Joffre Lakes and Heartstrings

Skinning across the first Joffre Lake

Chris – I will eat you.

Joffre Lakes – Couloir we skied last time we were here. Everything around
is really filled in

Couloir Ridge – Pic Taken April 17th. Skinned up the ridge and down the open slope.

Other views of Couloir Ridge potential

Heading towards the boot pack


Along bootpack ridge

View from Bootpack Ridge of Taylor

Backside of Taylor from Slalok

Closer view of Taylor Backside and bookpack.

Bootpack ridge

Cool view as the clouds started to come in

Lee heading up for round two

Pano of area

View off the Heartstrings

Then we ski down

Snow in the trees was not bad!

Back to the car

Rohr slide. Glad the truck wasn’t there for it!

Heartstrings from the road

Duffey March 20, 2011 from Lee Lau on Vimeo.

Duffey – Joffre Lakes at EveryTrail

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