Mum’s surprise birthday party March 21, 2011

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Mum’s surprise birthday party!

and photos by Lee Lau unless otherwise noted.

Plotting a surprise birthday for Mum was surprisingly difficult – especially from a logistics point of view. My brother Chai did the lion’s share of the work, phoning up all of Mum’s best friends and making sure they knew the time and date.

I got the task of getting dessert (easy) and trying to figure out a way to get Mum out of the house for a crucial hour and a half (hard) so that Chai, his fiancee Helena and Mum and Dad’s friends could throw up decorations and get into place. It was not the greatest of weather so finally I settled on my cunning plan. Shar and I had replaced our old car with a new vehicle (Toyota Tacoma in Speedway Blue!) and I offered to take the parents for a drive

Even with the light mist typical of Vancouver spring weather, I managed to talk Mum (and Dad who was in on the surprise and plotting) into a drive. This turned out to be fine way to distract Mum. After a casual drive down to Deep Cove and back, I picked up Sharon from our place and we made the excuse to go back to Mum & Dad’s so they could change. Expecting to be taken out to dinner at some restaurant, Mum almost blew it for us by dilly-dallying in front of the house! But all turned out well and she got the full force of the surprise party; the look of joy and astonishment on my Mum’s face was priceless.

I want to say thanks to everyone who showed up. It made Mum’s day (week! Year!). Big props to Chai who worked really hard on the planning. Major hats off to Helena and my Dad who also plotted extremely well. And to all Mum and Dad’s friends. Words cannot thank you enough. You were all there for us when we came to Canada oh so very long ago and I cannot tell you how much my parents value and treasure your friendship.

I am very honoured and proud to be the "number one Son" to my favourite Mother and my favourite Father!



Distracting Mum with a drive in a shiny clean truck – thanks to Sharon for making it shiny and clean for Mum and Dad to sit in.

Blurry kind of confused picture – priceless because I got Mum’s expression on her face in the mirror

Obligatory party hat wear just to set the mood

Of course, my fashionista Mother could not be seen at her own party with just a down vest. Up she went and down again in a natty silk scarf. What a stylish Mum!

Mum and Dad – cute picture


Sharon took a break from aikido for such a memorable occassion

Group picture. So many friends, so many years of shared experiences. So much shared joy

Family shot

Chai, Helena and Mum and Dad’s friends worked like busy beavers on the decorations

Mum giving me the look. What did I do?

Happy Birthday Mum!!

Cake… yum!!

Attempted artsy shot. Should have probably dimmed the light but oh welll.

Funny face time!

Post dinner relaxation



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