Duffey – Joffre Lakes area

Joffre Shoulder West

Obsured skies and stable conditions meant it was time to check out something new!

We skinned up Joffre Shoulder from Joffre Lakes, gained the ridge in about
the same amount of time as if we’d gone from the weather station. Did one run
down Eastern Block Chutes, back up and down Joffre Shoulder West slide path.

Spring skinning, yeah

Good thing he has light boots!

Not a bad way to get to the top!

The skies were clearing so we decided to have a run down the Eastern Block bowl

Ended up at Eastern Block lake to look at the backside of Chief Pascall.

Warm temperatures today. Bring the globstopper!

Skinned up the western slope to check out our options. Hearstrings is across
the valley

Louie on the top section

Tyler on the top section

Steeper and sketchier then it looks!

Full of avalanche debris

Taylor Ridge across the valley

Looking back up the slope we skied. To access this section you have to start

View of Joffre West from Heartstrings ( pic taken Jan 2008)

View of Joffre West from Heartstrings ( pic taken April 2011)

View of Joffre Shoulder from Cayoosh

Looking back from the first lake

Duffey – Joffre Lakes at EveryTrail

Duffey – somewhere March 25- 27 2011 from Lee Lau on Vimeo.

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