Fall Skiing on Whistler-Blackcomb-Duffey 2011

Misc Winter 2011 Skiing pictures

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Dec 31. Finally the pow had come back! Friday we skied up Chief Pascal and it was so good we came back again on Saturday to ski Joffre Shoulder. Lee, Tyler, Adrian, Emily and Andy from Colorado.

This route took some finding. Emily.

Nice view of Taylor and Heartstrings, need more snow!

But we found enough!







Lee hucking!


Elevation Profile

Dec 16

Dec 16. No new snow, overcast dismal forcast. Oh well. Good time to check out a new area! We’ve skied up Chief Pascal many time, but never ventured into the valley further south heading towards Joffre. So today we did. Marilyn and Jenn joined us for this adventure!

Never seen alders here… we need more snow

Marilyn making the most of the snow

We ski across the complicated bowl

Find some ok snow. Definitely worth coming back when there is more snow!

The Cerise creek ski out. Top of the clearcut… ugh.

Dec 11

Dec 11 ski tour to Blackcomb Slackcountry. With the blue skies and cool temps we decided to check out some Blackcomb Slackcountry for a quick little tour. We weren’t expecting much but the snow was actually not bad!

Back on East Col.

Skinning up East Col

Gratuitous boot pack for a longer run.

Top of Body Bag. Very Bony.


Dec 10

Dec 10th – A high pressure is heavily set upon us. Thankfully we have a good base but the lack of new snow makes the pow picken’s slim. So we opt to ski up a logging road for future reference.

Lots hoar frost on the Duffey!

SICK Tree skiing!

Pretty cool crystals!

Nice track in

Super SICK Tree skiing!

6km ski in, 400 m of climbing. Better then a day at work!

Dec 3

Dec 3rd – ACC Tour into Marriot Basin. We meet at what time??? 7:00am? ugh. So we get up, get some breakfast at Java Hut and meet for the Toyota Convoy up the Duffey.

Myself, Lee, Mitch, Graham Oliver, Rhonna and Paul, Tim and Emily and Rob head to Pemberton to meet Marilyn, Jennifer, John and Jayson for a big group tour to check out Marriot. Despite the big group we moved well, no mechanicals! Tim and Emily stayed overnight in the hut. We did one run up Honey Blonde. It was blower breakable crust! Some tree skiing was nice. Lower in the trees it was pretty chunky. Nice day to be out but we need more snow!

Toyota Convoy!

Skinning up the road

Trail head

Our feared leader Mitch!

Always an interesting skin up

Regroup at the lake.

Then we get to the hut

We skin up to Honey Blond and are able to get a nice view into Cayoosh

The snow could have been lighter.

So could the ski out

Elevation Profile

Duffey – Marriott Basin at EveryTrail

Dec 2

Dec 2nd – Peak Opens! So we load up and head out to Oboe! Lots of wind and blue skies in the last week. We had some significant whumping on the flat ridges. We dug down and found about 30cm of snow, mostly facets… as you can see from the Rime, its been pretty windy up here.

A pit dug at the top of the Apostles found 130cm of snow, with no weaknesses. Everywhere else the snow was wind affected.

Stu on the Apostles

Sharon on the Apostles

Our tracks

Skinning back up.

Nov 19

Nov 19th. – Skinning up Blackcomb! Pre Season

Sharon on Gear Jammer

Peter on Gear Jammer

Phil on Gear Jammer

Stu on Gear Jammer

Sharon below Crystal Chair



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