Germany 2014 – Leipzig day 2 – Notenspur and a Leipzig Oktoberfest

The Notenspur and a Leipzig Oktober fest

I’m a classical music buff from way back and so is Heidi. Leipzig has a huge music legacy and among others, Bach, Mendelssohn, Grieg made their homes here. The City has very wisely put together the Notenspur – an interpretative walk that allows you to walk the inner city and check out historic landmarks key to these great composers, their music and their instruments. Highly recommended to download the Notenspur App on your mobile so you can have commentary and historical colour on the trip

Sharon herself confesses to not really be a fan but Heidi and my enthusiasm must have been contagious as we had a grand old time walking around the city and taking in the atmosphere of a wonderful fall day. Warm yet not warm. Enough people to keep things interesting but not stifling crowds. Indeed a city to be proud of.

We topped off a fine day by visiting with Jurgen and Heidi again. Ronnie’s football team was having a BBQ and Oktoberfest party to fundraise. It was an incredibly cool way to take in the local community scene and to see Ronny DJ. As he said, it’s a tight little community – truly a village in the city

Little Ampellman guys tell you to stop or go

Such an impressive train station

Notenspur Music Tour notes on the sidewalk so even tourists can follow the path

Drinking fountain – auchen 

Drinking fountain – unter

Mendelssohn Haus. The first piece of classical music I ever heard was Violin Concerto 1 – with Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg as the soloist. It was spellbinding

Mendelssohn Haus

Grieg’s crib – the museum was closed today. People live in this apartment building – imagine that; sharing the same building as Grieg. This is the ornate front door

The Grassi Museum houses musical instruments and other music-related exhibits

Front of the Grassi museum

Sign at Augustusplatz for Nov 1989 Peaceful Revolution when the East German government was toppled. Heidi Bader and Ronny Richter were there. The Russians were sitting in their tanks just past Heidi and Jurgens house. 

Old DDR symbol – schwerter zu pflugscharen – literally swords into plowshares

The Alte Rathaus and a crowded very happening Marketplatz

Bach’s statue in front of St Thomas Kirche. It was packed so we decided to go in another day. Bach is buried in this church.

Heidi Bader resonating on a Ming Water container

Nein Segway tours!

More Marketplatz streetlife

The very cool very recommended Coffee baum tour

First ever Melitta coffee filters Leipzig Kaffe Baum Museum 

Now off to eat, drink and burn some stuff! Lee, Heidi and Jurgen

Wow can Germans eat

Oh yeah I’ll have some of that

And now for the burning

Tante Heidi grabs beer

Jurgen and Sharon both can put them away

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