Germany 2014 – Munich-Muenchen

Basically the idea of this trip was so we wouldn’t have to spend six hours on DeutschBahn from Brixen to Leipzig. Also Shar loves beer and it was Oktoberfest!

This turned out to be a fun couple of days. Although Munich during Oktoberfest is like Whistler prices during Christmas. Ie take it up the arschvicker for hotels, food etc. We rented bikes and had a great time. We stayed at the GS Hotel in the S part of town. Nice quiet and clean. No complaints there


On our first day we got in to the GS Hotel and immediately went off to Oktoberfest

Hey Munich Hauptbahnhof looks like the US but everyone smokes

We walked a bit and came across and aikido dojo but then realized after 500m of walking that taking a cab might be a good idea


Walking seems dumb when you can rent bikes so we rented city bikes – a wise investment for the two days we were here


Even the bike paths are orderly. If the light says stop everyone halts — even if there’s no traffic. The cars don’t stop on the fahradstrasse. The pedestrians don’t walk on the bikeways. What do they slip into these peoples’ drink? It’s really easy to get around on the bike


Super paths


I bet less than half are German and there are a few bananas in the crowd but they are all pretty stoked

The leprechaun lederhosen is wicked good

Juxtaposition of old Munich cathedral and new Munich kitsch does it for me

So many ways to drop EUR here

Mmm Kaiserschmarm

Sharon Bader in awe at the Augustine tent

Ein prosit! 

Zwei Prosit!

Drei Mas

Disciplined while drunk

So much drunk and orderly

Pinnochio security

Isar and Munich bike ride

On our second day we rode from the hotel to the Isar river. Then up the Isar to the Englishcher Garten parks and all over the downtown core to Marianplatz and other touristy things. Such incredible bike lanes and patient car-bike-pedestrian interaction. Then we met with Sharon’s friend Markus Reinschmidt to have food and that was it for our Munich diversion.


Everyone rides bikes

even lederhosen dudes

City endorsed graffiti

Not finished – to tag someone’s work is verboten

Very Bourne-identity’esque bridge

Coffee at Baaderstrasse

Peds-bikes co-exist even on crowded streets

Marianplatz toe pic

Enduro at Marianplatz

Lederhosen dude working crowd hard at Marianplatz

Seems right that Turkish food should be the best food in Muenchen

Dinner with Markus Reinschmidt in the Oktoberfest museum

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