Harvey Headwaters Circumnavigation – Dec 16, 2016

Or we did it so you don’t have to — or Slide alder is the new quadruple overhead blower pow


Hey lets ski the ridge of the West Lion? Really? Ok. Gregor Wilson has done it! Matt Gunn has done it! How hard can it be?

Well it needs more snow. You could put in skins 5 minutes walk from Lions Bay but the coverage down lower where it counts is severely lacking. HOT TIP – next time skin up the N branch towards David Peak taking the HSCT towards Magnesia Meadows then cut over towards Enchainment Col. The ridgeline connecting the E and W Lion still doesn’t have enough snow but at least you’ll top out for the view. Do not try to approach via the Binkert trail when there’s still not that much snow unless you crave bushwhacks


Harvey Ramp. Blind entry. Ice bulge in the middle. Thin skin of snow on flaky rock. What could possibly go wrong for a FD!!

Well signed

Some ice forming but its still flowing pretty free in liquid form

Hey lets go down the Binkert Trail and go up that way. Nobody’s gone here so that means we’ll get freshies!!! Right ?? Right??



Hey now looking good through the lower alder thrash to 970m

Uh Oh cliff-band. Retreat down the alder

Quadruple overhead alder ftw

Tricky creek crossings of Harvey Creek


Balls deep snow!!

That’s vegetation on Sharon’s skis!

Map and GPS – so you can duplicate this most excellent route


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