MT BAKER BACKCOUNTRY – Table Mountain & Swift Creek – Dec 2016

We haven’t been to baker in FOREVER cause the border sucks. But since the storms have been trending south, and its been cold, but not arctic cold we decided to check it out! We stayed at Snowline Lodge, booked through Mt Baker Lodging. It was perfect.

Did laps around the near-Baker backcountry which was also pretty darn convenient. Access is a no brainer via a groomed civilized track then along the boundary watching for downhill traffic then back along the ridge towards Table Mtn. Started with a nice steep shot dropping back down to Bagley Lake “Newt’s Chute”. Then over to the parking lot bump via a south slope with a typically steep Baker skin track. Then off S facing shots in perfect bluebird pow down “Boulderfields” then up and over back to the parking lot via the East Gully



Going by pee corner at the Heather parking lot to start the day

Shuksan in the clouds

Dropping to Newts Chute

Come on view

Dropping in on the flatter part

View of the parking lot bump and the ridgeline in the centre shot

Sharon showing the Dave Murray camps ski school steeze

More Sharon pow destruction

My turn

Tom’s turn

Finishing off the rest of the inexplicably untouched slope

Up to the top of the parking lot bump – Sharon modelling Icebreaker

More Icebreaker

Baker view

Top of the parking lot bump. Could go down this ridgeline direct to parking lot but nah….

Best to slay pow to the East Gully

Tom pow destruction

Tom pow destruction

Sharon pow destruction

Tom really laying into the slope

Bagley routes and the GPS



It was so good we came back and mogulled Swift Creek later in the week. Lee had this to say about Swift Creek:

“Quadruple overhead blower pow. Not as cold as further north. Some surface hoar growing in 1mm to 2mm pockets.

Hazard from goggle foam not being dense enough to stop ingress of fine – grained blower snow.

Ski pen from earlier in the week was approx 50 – 70cms. Now more like 20-30cms so definitely some settling. Winds were NE outflow yday but moreso in the alpine. Less wind today but still of the NE outflow variety and only in the alpine but not at treeline. Temps – 12 to -8.”


Here’s Swift and the GPS


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