Icefall Day 6-7 Feb 2022

Jan 29-Feb 4 2022

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This section is Day 6 and 7. Feb 3rd and 4th

Day 6 we did a cool loop on Pointbreak to try to find the elusive G-spot… no luck. Then we stuck to the trees as this was where the best snow was. The last day we did easy lodge laps while others went further down valley to Sloth. The freezing level was below 1500m so the trees all the way down valley were good.

SHOUT OUT To Sion Edwards, our hard working custodian, and Stuart Whyte our Chef! Our week wouldn’t not have been the same without you!

Our group heads up to Pointbreak

Aaron Drew and Sharon


Sharon and Lance

Bottom sketchy section

Arrows show our route, bypassing the Gspot.


The next day alas, it snowed again… so MORE POW! Legs, so tired. We skied Fluffer and hangover.

Dave on Gollum

Darlene on fluffer

Lee at the top of Sloth

Dan on Sloth


Sharon, Stuart, George, Dana, Dermot, GQ, Justin, Jake, Drew, Lance
Saar, Dave, Irena, Dan, Geoff
Sion, Darlene, Pearly, Lee ( Aaron was skiing…)

Thanks for the fun trip!

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