Icefall Lodge Day 4-5 Feb 2022

Jan 29-Feb 4 2022

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This section is Day 4 and 5. Feb 1st and 2nd.

Feb 1st was my and Dave Phinney’s Birthdays and Stuart made us a cake! We also had lots of pow! We skied Two Flags and Bird Chute. Day 4 was clear and very cold. I had a short day, while the others braved the cold to do a similar tour to our fly in day. Up home run and back via Backdoor.


Skin up Two Flags

Two Flags

Jake on Two Flags

Lee on Two Flags

Lee on Lodge Run

Drew looking down valley from Two Flags

Lee on Seduction

Group skinning back up

Lee on Bird Chute

Bottom of Bird Chute


Birthday cakes by Stuart!

Dave’s girlfriend sent him a special cake!

Day 4 Clear and COLD!

Cold and Clear sunrise

Dana getting ready…




Sion clearing the roof

Justin on Kitchen Chute, the Sins down valley.

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