Icefall Lodge – Random Hut and Peak Shots

Icefall Lodge – Hut and Misc Shots

A great week of skiing in the BC Backcountry. The lodge was great, the people were great the skiing was great. Hard to beat!

Thanks to everyone for making it such a great trip!

Duncan, Bulger, Stu, Lynda, Danny, Kim, Rob, Julie, Ryan, Steve, Kelly, Lee,

Sharon, Kim, Nic, Anna and Mark

Some other peak views cause Lee can’t resist


Icefall Peak – North Face

Kemmel from La Clytte ( can you see our tracks?)

Tinkerbell Couloirs off Espresso Ridge

Sunset over Mons peaks

Icefall Lodge

Cabin shots.

After our long days we needed some massage

Lee just can’t get enough!

Kelley in action!

Our tools

Our Food!

Then the water pump broke and we had to get our water from here

With ropes and buckets

Drying and Storage room


Getting ready to go!

Dressed for the crash ! Bye Icefall!

62km Total
8400m Climbing

Icefall Lodge – Complete at EveryTrail

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