Leavenworth in June – Xanadu, Tres Hombres, Minnow and Chikamin Ridge

Leavenworth – June 2014 GPS Tracks

June is a time when we think of heading out camping. We haven’t much lately since the riding here has been so good. Lee was reluctant but then our forcast called for rain! So what better place to go then Eastern Washington and Leavenworth. We rode here before back in 2003 with some hammer heads. We had this area on our list depending on conditions. We wanted to check out some new trails, Xanadu, which we rode, and Rosie Boa, which replaces the Fruend DH ride, which we didn’t make it to. Jameson Florence joined us, he lives in the Seattle area and hasn’t explored this area much.

We arrived Thursday evening after picking up some supplies Deschutes Fresh Squeezed ipa = WIN

We arrived at the Tumwater campground and had our pick of spots! We stayed in site51, right near Chiwaukum creek, that runs into the Wenatchee River. Highly recommend this campground. No showers, but flush toilets with running water, and water taps. The creek and shower bag worked fine for showers.

Mosquitos weren’t bad.

We woke up to cloudy skies and were planning on riding Xanadu. Then it started to rain. We went into Leavenworth to get some more info, chatted with the guys at Der Rad Haus, went to the Info Center where they had some free ride descriptions. We decided on this rainy day to ride Minnow Ridge/Chikamin Ridge out near Lake Wenatchee/Fish Lake Recreation area.

A Forest Service Permit is not required at this lot.

Trail intersections are well marked, we rode this in the Clockwise direction – Up Minnow, down Chikamin.

Some punchy ups, but mostly climbable.

Checking out our new saws!

Apparently last week there was snow here.

Descent was fast and flowy! We did have to cross some creeks, one did get our feet wet.

6km from the last intersection, heading straight is Lower Chiwawa Trail – 8miles, we turned right to head back to the Chikamin Trailhead

Chikamin Creek

Our saws are handy in the campsite too!


On Saturday the skies were blue and it was warming up. Jameson was at the campsite promptly at 10! Since we had two trucks we thought we’d ride Xanadu today and shuttle Devils Gulch. We ended up not shuttling Devils Gulch since apparently the shuttle is now 2 hours due to the main road being washed out. So we rode Xanadu twice!

Left turn off the rd7400 past the Turkey farm, turns into double track

Double Track

Top Ridge – dusty!

One at a time rock feature, it can get windy up here

Bottom berms, oh ya!

Since we were in America we had to have Dinner at a Mexican restaurant, since we were in Leavenworth, it was a German-Mexican Restaurant – Los Camperos

Das Rad Haus – the bike shop – we left Beer and some cash here for the Xanadu builders.

Tres Hombres

Day 3 was warmer and we were up for another adventure. We had a choice between the Tres Hombres shuttle or the short loop of Freund to Rosie Boa, since we had to trucks we figured the shuttle was it. So Tres Hombres it was.

 The beer bottle carnage.

Map of Tres Hombres you can get from Das Rad Haus

Top of the trail

One of the off camber rock features

Nice view!

Nice ridge rides

Harder then it looks…

Another off camber rock section

More ridge riding

GPS Tracks of our rides Leavenworth – Minnow Creek Chikamin Ridge at EveryTrail

Leavenworth – Xanadu at EveryTrail

Leavenworth – Tres Hombres at EveryTrail

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