Chilcotins Day 3 – Lorna out and back then to Spruce Lake Sept. 13th

words and photos by Sharon Bader and Lee Lau unless otherwise noted.

Jewel Bridge to Tyax Camp Sept. 11th
Lorna Pass – Cluckata Circumnavigation Sept. 12th
Lorna to Spruce Sept. 13th
Spruce to Windy and B&F Sept. 14th

Day three had us up at the crack of 8:00am to the sounds of horse bells and the crackling fire. Our wranglers, Jamie Davidson and Wayne, from Spruce Lake Wilderness Adventures were getting the horses ready for the trek to Spruce Lake 12km down Tyaughton/Tyax creek. We were going to have a shorter day today, only 755m of climbing with 900m of descending in 6.5 hours. We had to do 6 creek crossings and despite my challenge to Tyler to give him TWO of my beers if he could keep his feet wet, the river always wins.

The horses, ever so patient beasts of burden.


Kev helping with chores ~ photo Tyler Wilkes

More Tyax camp shots – coffee is going! ~ photo Tyler Wilkes

We weren’t too quick to get ready today, the guys had a pretty big day yesterday not getting in until 9:30 at night! It takes awhile to pack all the horses with our gear!

and Lee had to do the dishes

Helping out Jamie holding the horse while it gets packed up.

Glad I don’t have to carry all this crap!

Kris Holm likes to start his day off with a challenge over the little bridge over Tyaughton Creek!

Is it easier with one wheel???

We head towards Lorna/Elbow pass and head right to Lorna for a quick out and back starting in the alpine.

Hard not to stop to take in the views!

Kris and Monte going up to Lorna trail. Lizard and Trail Ridge on picture left ~ photo Tyler Wilkes

Iori climbing ~ photo Tyler Wilkes

Tyler decides at one point to just go up! So Lee couldn’t let him go by himself!

We go up!

Lee and Tyler ~ photo Monte Westlund

Shirtless Hero conquers Lorna!

Did you put on deoderant today????

Kris continues along Elbow-Lorna Ridge ~ photo Monte Westlund

While we were doing this Kevin and Sean were having their own alpine epic. They rode/pushed up the Manson trail to Manson Pass. Then they hiked up to Mt Davidson and took in some stellar views. The ride down Manson itself is also stunning and they pulled into camp via Tyax trail to Spruce Lake only an hour after us.

Manson trail looking to Manson Pass ~ photo Sean Killen

Kevin on the Manson ascent ~ photo Sean Killen

Heading up to Davidson Peak (named after Jamie’s grandfather) ~ photo Sean Killen

View east from Davidson looks to the Little Paradise valley in foreground then the Cardtable, Relay ridgelines in middle, then Eldorado, then way far back the Shulaps Range ~ photo Sean Killen

View west from Davidson looks to Tyoax Pass in foreground. In the background from L to R – Warner Ridge, Lorna Pass, Elbow Pass, Elbow Mtn. Cluckata then the Dil Dil Plateau are on pic right~ photo Sean Killen

Kevin descending Manson ~ photo Sean Killen

Then we head back down, with the alpine ridges in the back.

Tyler railing near the Deer Pass turnoff.

The trail along Taughton creek is up and down but mostly down since we do start at 1700m and go to 1500m, really !

Sketchier then it looks!

The last creek crossing. Looks like Kris wants to try to keep his feet dry! Tyler and Iori now know better.


Does Kris keep his feet dry!

Hell no!

This time the horses made it back before us! Here’s King, an ol’ Draft horse, not the fastest of the fleet but good for carrying the beer!

so cute!

Kris Holme with Jamie Davidson and King. Jamie is old hat in these parts, Mt. Davidson is named after his grandfather, he has spent many years in these parts when the retired teacher wasn’t teaching kids to read.

Do you live here all year???

We had exceptional weather on this trip. On most trips in the Chilcotins you can pretty much guarentee one rainy day. We had sunshine and a cool breeze, making for a nice day to take a dip in Spruce Lake.

Tyler getting ready to go in!

Lee even took a dip to try to clean his feet and legs.

Really, they’re clean, just tanned and scarred…

Google map of the route from Tyax camp to Spruce Lake.

Chilcotin – Lorna – Tyax – Spruce from Lee Lau on Vimeo.

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