Chilcotins Day 4 – Spruce Lake to Windy Pass Sept. 14 2009

> words and photos by Sharon Bader and Lee Lau unless otherwise noted.

Jewel Bridge to Tyax Camp Sept. 11th
Lorna Pass – Cluckata Circumnavigation Sept. 12th
Lorna to Spruce Sept. 13th
Spruce to Windy and B&F Sept. 14th

Day 4. One more day. Can the legs do it. I guess they have to. The horses had a big shorter day back to Jewel Bridge to drop off our gear. So we had to plan a ride to get there not much after them so our stuff wasn’t sitting around too long. Three of us opt for the ride from Spruce Lake up to Windy Pass and down B&F. Four others go from Windy Pass over Eldorado ridge and down to the meadows and down Lick Creek. Monte had to take a shorter day and ride down the Gun Creek trail since his knees, that hadn’t ridden in a month, did take to well to the two big days. what a drag it is getting old…

Last day to pack up the horses. Despite the strained look on Lee’s face, he’s not about to take a crap or slow down. Not sure what’s on Sean’s mind…

We go now… or soon…

Horse stuff waiting to go at Spruce Camp ~ photo Tyler Wilkes

Wayne, a recent resident of Lillooet from the bustle of Jasper I guess felt Lillooet was too busy and had to spend some time in the quiet of the Chilcotins. Actually he’s getting to know the area so he can guide hiking trips through his company – Canadian Mountain Adventure.

hmmm is my ass as fat as kings???

Heading up Windy Pass. Don’t know what it is about this trail, but I push up.

the bike knows where to go!

Sean and Kris ~ photo Tyler Wilkes

The views are not insignificant!

but you have to stop to see them cause when you’re pushing your bike all you can do is breathe!

Lee doesn’t have the same elevation issues as me!

grind grind grind

But the climbing here is tough.

gives you a chance to look around!

Marmots with big Surrey teeth protecting their homes ~ photo Tyler Wilkes

View looking to Dickson Ridge from Windy Pass ~ photo Tyler Wilkes

The classic Windy Pass view.

Iori heading on up!

Once you are up, you can finally go down!

Gotta get the go pro going!

This down is not so bad!

or am I climbing…

We head down Windy Pass ~ photo Tyler Wilkes

The High Trail heads off here bypassing Eldorado cabin. We went right to get to B&F.

Nice spot for lunch.

While we headed down, the rest of the group climbed up to the LS Bluffs then up and over to Eldorado Ridge

Tyler on Eldorado Ridge ~ photo Sean Killen

Kevin ~ photo Sean Killen

Kris ~ photo Sean Killen

Tyler again nearing the bottom ~ photo Sean Killen

Kris ~ photo Tyler Wilkes

Kris ~ photo Tyler Wilkes

Sean ~ photo Tyler Wilkes

We continued our journey by crossing Eldorado Meadows.

The ride to B&F is a longer then going to Lick and the scenery doesn’t dissapoint!

Iori and Lee appreciate the lake!

Up and up we continue to go !

riding now.

Top of the last climb! The wind was picking up here, feels like a system coming in! The sun was still warm. We spent some time here enjoying the views.

where’s my lunch?

B&F descent. Lee video’d mostly Iori since I had two pretty good crashes catching my pedal on a root.

&*%P’ing roots.

Google map of what does look like a long day…

cause it was.

Spruce Lake to Jewel via Windy Pass and B&F from Lee Lau on Vimeo.

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