Misc Dec Pow

Misc Whistler Early Season

Words and photos by Sharon Bader and Lee Lau unless otherwise noted.

Flute Dec 3 || Blackcomb Dec 4 || Whistler Inbounds Dec 9 || Cowboy Ridge Dec 11 || Diamond Head Dec 17 || Blackcomb POW Dec 24

Flute Dec 3 with Frank Bauman, Kevin Aiken and Erin





Whistler – Flute and Cowboy Ridge at EveryTrail

Dec 4th – Blackcomb tour into Spearhead and first tracks down Corona Bowl!

Natural on Decker – Dec 4

Corona Bowl Blackcomb Slackcountry at EveryTrail

Inbounds Pow on Megawatts! Dec 9

Nice day to head to Oboe! Met up with Alex Cogger – Dec 11.

Round Mountain – Diamond Head – Dec 17th

Diamond Head at EveryTrail

Dec 24th – Blackcomb pow! 28cm overnight! 30 during the day and more coming!

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