Skiing with the New Mexicans – Blackcomb Again

While I took the time off to let my knee rest and to check in with the clinic (doctor says possible tear of the lateral meniscus) Blackcomb gets dumped on so the group heads there to go play in the alpine. Sharon took all the pictures.

Apparently they went to look for some new entries into Sapphire and found them. Here’s Bill on the rather steep entry chute. looking very relaxed as always.

Bill again – this time with artysy close-up

Then Diamond Bowl was hit.

Bill looking small in a world full of ledges.

Unbelievable shot really – usually the Blowhole is crap skiing as it gets scraped out; there was so much snow that it got filled in nicely. They didn’t take the manly ice-climbing route on lookers left/skiers right but chose to ski right down the middle of the gullet.

Carl on Surf’s Up cutting around the rock bands at skiers left just rounding the bottom of the Blowhole.

Then they found and looked for more gnar in Sapphire Bowl.

Bill — again —- engulfed in powder.

With this shot – Bill wins powderslut of the trip prize.

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