Skiing with the New Mexicans – Whistler Slackcountry

taking a couple of days off to get back to Vancouver and do a bit of work we were back. Two days of skiing for the New Mexicans – 40 cms of snow for them on the Monday and just 20 cms on the Tuesday. Another 20 cms falls this Wednesday and we’re off to Fresh Tracks again. After runs down Franz’s and Upper Insanity we run into Peter and do our best to track up Ratfink. Here’s Peter on the trees on the lower-angled part of Ratfink.

We manage to get some good runs in then get first tracks on the T-bars and work our way over to Boomer Bowl. Somehow I manage to tweak my knee on Boomer launching something and sit out a couple of runs while I self-assess. Eff it, the snows too good not to go so I continue skiing. Up we go to the Peak then down off to Doom and Gloom then back up for another lap and down Million Dollar Ridge and Lower Khybers. It’s good stuff ….

Lunch on the gondola then we’re back on to Harveys and Robertsons again for more laps. Where’s the crowds? Why – halfway through the day – is there so much untouched snow?? Sharon doesn’t seem to mind as she schralps the gnar…

Go go angulating girl!

Bill with some nice perspective to show the steepness.

On day 7 in a row of skiing hard on teles Bill dives right in.

Nice view of Piccolo and Symphony Bowl in the background

Bill points the way to powder stardom

We do more laps. The skies opens up again and it starts snowing again heavily; will this ever end? Will we ever be able to use our carving skis on some good honest groomers? Joel doesn’t mind getting to use the fat sticks.

Joel catching a snow snake

Then continuing powering down the slope and showing it who’s boss.

Joel and Carl were skiing very aggresively and besides I was getting bored of taking Bill Carey powder shots so I found more powder pillows for Joel and Carl to hit. First goes Joel on a nice patch of fall-line 40 degree face shots in Robertsons.

Lower on the slope and Joel finds another snow snake making for a spectacular shot.

Carl bats cleanup on this slope also getting his fair share of steep and deep.

It snowed hard the whole afternoon and kept snowing all evening!

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