Skiing with the New Mexicans – Whistler Again

Whistler was so good yesterday we hit it up again today with another 15 cms on the ground. This time Bill Roth arrives from Santa Fe; his first run is chest-deep on Hidden Chute.

Here goes Bill again, happy tele-turning.

Broken clouds again let us have the views of Blackcomb; Blackcomb Peak is the middle peak with Body Bag Bowl to its right. DOA chute comes off the south (right of Blackcomb Peak); and is a bootpack accessible by skiing up to East Col from the Blackcomb glacier backcountry gates and then contouring around the east face of the peak.

The lower slopes are a little cut up but Sharon doesn’t seem to mind – looks like its been throughly mined.

Looking for freshies we find them on laps off Harveys and Robertsons. I take a turn.

Then Bill Roth gives ‘er.

Then goes Bill Carey with his incredibly active tele style; how can this boy’s legs survive 10 days straight of skiing with this much energy? Hop ….

sink …..

followed by more hops and sinks heading down this beautifully steep SE aspect looking into Flute Creek.

We’ve packed our backcountry gear and do a lap on Flute first hitting up Pig’s Fancy then heading over to Lesser Flute where we find even more blower light pow. I love this little steep section coming off the north flank of Lesser Flute and dropping itno out-of-bounds sidecountry. Before we drop into 35 degree untracked bowls I first have to find a faceshot.

Faceshot found ..

Carl follows.

Didn’t bother taking any pictures of the fresh tracks we laid into 60 cms of untracked powder down to Oboe Creek as I was too busy cutting everyone off. Then we skinned up back to Lesser Flute and did one more run down. What a great day!

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