New York Aikikai 40th Anniversary Summer Camp. Saturday July 31-Saturday Aug 7 2004


New York Aikikai 40th Anniversary Summer Camp. Saturday July 31-Saturday Aug 7 2004.

Featuring Yamada Sensei, Tamura Sensei, Doshu, Osawa Sensei, Shibata Sensei, Kawahara Sensei, Kurita Sensei, Okuyama Sensei.

To commemorate 40 years of Yamada Sensei’s living in North America and spreading Aikido to various parts of the world. Despite the loss of Kanai Sensei, this seminar was a celebration of life and the unity of Aikido. 1200 people on one matt from 40 different countries all sharing our common bond. It was something.

After flying from Vancouver to Toronto, then driving 5 hours South to Colgate University we found our rooms Stillman Hall – The stone construction was something!

West Hall

then it was time to practice.

warming up with the first of many backstretches!

The Crazy Canucks with Kawahara Shihan.

Tony, Sharon, Michael, ?, Kali, Kim, Simon, Robb, Jim, Yumi, Sensei, Rob, Alex, Joel

The Mexicans!

Francisco, Rueben, Laticia(?), Carlos, Sensei, Martha, ?, Ando

Kali and I took in the first evening class

Claude Berthiaume Sensei – 7th Dan

Harvey Konigsberg Sensei was instructing this evening

under the ever watchful eye of O-Sensei

The Shihans – Yamada Sensei, Tamura Sensei, Shibata Sensei, Kurita Sensei, Okuyama Sensei

Mrs Tamura and Yumi

Okuyama Sensei demonstrating

The ever Serious Kali working intently on her form.

Tony and Simon hanging on every work Kurita Sensei spoke and spoke and spoke…

Donovan Waite Sensei, 6th Dan

Robb getting ready to hammer.

Donovan Waite Sensei demonstrating

you do what with what?

Tamura Sensei

Trying to throw Tamura Sensei

Jim Barnes working with the little guy!

Kawahara Sensei Demonstrating

During our day off we went to Moraine Lake for a dip with the ducks.

The pre class march to the Stanford Field House where classes were held.


The Torontonians with Tamura Sensei

More Group practice!

Doshu Demonstrating


Kokyudosa anyone!

Osawa Sensei and Doshu

My new Buddies!

The last day was testing. Here is Francisco from Mexico doing some flying Ukemi!

Tamura Sensei and Yumi who had the privilege of translating for his classes.

Robb Kim and Jim

Kali thinking about those boys from Brazil! Renat and Warren thinking about dinner.

The Head Table. Doshu giving a speach

Peter Bernath, David Halprin, Kawahara Sensei, Bob Zimmerman

Okuyama Sensei, Osawa Sensei, Shibata Sensei, Sugano Sensei, Yamada Sensei, Doshu, Tamura Sensei

The last day of my Aikido week took me to Toronto for a wee bike ride in the City. Kali was my trusted guide on these perfect commuter bikes.

Thus ends my week of Aikido. The most amazing thing was practicing with so many people from all over the world under the instruction of the Creme de la Creme of Aikido.


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