Part 1 – Moab – escaping the rain

Moab – Unique.

2017 has been an incredible year for skiing. We managed to get in 93 days and despite Lee’s desire to get an additional 7 to make100 on less then stellar conditions we decided it might be better to get a crash start on mountain bike season by heading to Moab, where it was Sunny and the trails dry, and to get our desert fix in. It’s been 5 years since we were in Moab last so it was about time we returned. In that time Trail Mix has done an incredible job of building mountain bike specific trails creating even more unique, scenic, flowy and technical trails in this area. The only downsize of riding in May is that you can’t ride the upper trails off the La Sals since a dark cloud loomed over it for most of the time we were here and there was still quite a bit of snow up high. That certainly doesn’t limit the options for in this mountain biking Mecca.

It is 2000km to Moab from Vancouver. Its nice to break up the drive over two or three days. We left Vancouver in the afternoon and made it to Pendleton, Oregon on the first night. It’s nice that you can drive faster in Oregon now! The next day we drove through Salt Lake City and camped at the San Rafael Swell, the Little Grand Canyon and did a short ride there the next day. We then headed to Moab and camped at the Slickrock campground in town. It’s getting very busy in Moab now, especially at this time of year so if you go book a place. Even the remote campgrounds are busy.

Picking up some essentials at Alsan Brewery

Still snow on the mountains near Salt Lake City!

Good Water Trail at the San Rafael Swell

Click here for Trailforks Ridelog We only did half the canyon since it was pretty easy and we wanted to get down to Moab.

Breakfast spot and camping on the Rim.

Christmas card shot with the view!

Good warm up trail

On the drive down we went through Buckhorn Wash, which would also make a great area for camping and checked out some of the Pictographs made in ~1000BC by the Fremont natives and possibly by a later Pueblo group.

Lee checking out the Pictographs

Our truck, just because

We got to the Slickrock Campground where we stayed for 5 nights. This campground isn’t bad, close to the highway so you need to get used to the vehicle noise, but it has a pool, is North of town so closer to a lot of the riding areas, hot showers and internet so Lee can upload his toe pictures.


Slickrock Trail

After setting up we realized we had JUST enough time for a Slickrock Sunset ride. This is the classic slickrock trail in Moab. Once you get it into your head that you have LIMITLESS traction, you are limited only by your mind and weak legs.

Click HERE for the Trailforks Ridelog.

We rode it Counter Clockwise

Sign at Trailhead. Such great signage in Moab now.

Punchy climbs on Slickrock!

More Punchy Climbs

La Sal view in the back. LOTS of snow!

Follow the white dots

Sunset light on the La Sals


More sunset La Sal Views

The next morning we were up at the crack of 8 to meet Greg Watley who we met 15 years ago in Phoenix! He was at the Fruita Fat Tire festival which is always held at the end of April in Fruita Colorado.

Klondike Bluffs

We rode the Klondike Bluff trails. We rode here 5 years ago and at that time we accessed from the South side. This time we accessed from the North Side which provided a lot more NEWER single track you could ride instead of on old Jeep roads. Thanks again to Moab Trail Mix for creating such a great network!

Check out our Ridelog on Trailforks HERE.

Northern trailhead

Follow the dots on the Slickrock!

Greg on his Pivot Mach6

The Pivorati! – All three tire sizes getting along!

Flowers are blooming in the desert

This area has some really cool trail routing!

Since we were using this as a break into riding trip, we also did some hikes in Arches National Park. It is worth it.

Broken Arch and La Sals View.

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