Rockies – Going to the Sun road

Americans can sure build their rodes! I’ve ridden some pretty impressive roads in the US, but this one ranks high on Ambition!

Going to the Sun

We head from East to West

A popular and VERY challenging road to climb

Mountain Goats are a common sight on the side of the road stopping traffic

checking out the mountain flowers

Just passed Logan Pass, you can see the cars at the saddle coming down

The Red “Jammer” buses.

“1930’s sedans, originally built by the White Motor Company (although painted a bright red color, some old timers still refer to the sedans as “White buses”). The 25-foot-long sedans seat 17 passengers with a unique canvas top, which rolls back. The jammer buses served as Glacier National Park’s transportation system.”

Glacier Lily

Another friend of Lee eating a potato chip left for him by a tourist

Lee doing his civic duty by throwing rocks at the little guy to sensitize him to the evils of humans so they no longer poison themselves with our food.

We continue through Logan Pass

Looking back up towards Logan pass. Can you see the route?

Another Red Bus

Waterfalls along the side of the road

Farther down the road looking back up Logan Pass

Sunset back at Waterton

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