Rockies – Waterton National Peace Park – hiking and horses

We’ve heard that Waterton is one of the most unique areas in the Rocky Mountains. As the narrowest band of the Rocky Mountains it rises sharply from the Prairies with no foothill lead up. The western border is BC, to the South is Glacier National Park in the US.

There are very few areas where you can ride so we spent the time hiking, driving and horseback riding.

On Sunday we went for a hike and we Drove ‘Going to the Sun’ road in Glacier. There pictures will be in their own document due to the number of shots we took. On Monday we went Horseback ridng! Lee has never ridden a horse before! This was an eye opening experience for him! He no longer calls horses hamburger!

Here you will see some views of Waterton.

Windmills at Pincher Creek.

The drive from our Campground

View of Waterton Lake from Bears Hump Hike from the Info Center

“The story of the impressive Prince of Wales Hotel is filled with intrigue. Opened in 1927 for the Saint Paul, Minnesota-based Great Northern Railway, this unique structure provided an oasis during Prohibition for thirsty Americans. Since these boozy beginnings, the hotel, which overlooks the beautiful Waterton Lake, has survived floods, fire, high winds and even closure. Now a national historic site, the Prince of Wales Hotel receives rightful tribute in High on a Windy Hill.”

Lee’s friend on top of the Bears Hump

I’m trying to attract one of Lee’s little Friends

Since we couldn’t ride, and hiking isn’t one of my favorite pass times we took this opportunity to try out a new activity!

Horseback riding! My horse is Maggie

Lee’s on Amigo

We were on a two hour ride that crossed the creek

Went through flower ridden meadows

Lee’s a natural!

Here we are!

Hold on Lee! Don’t pull too hard!

View of Waterton Lake from the townsite

We did one little hike to red rock canyon. The creek eroded away the bank to expose the red rock unique to this site.

A squirrel at the bottom of the creek

More impressive mountain views!

More Alpine Flowers

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