Rogers Pass – Swiss Trip – Rogers Run

The weather was a changing so it was time for the drive to Rogers Pass. But first we shopped in Vancouver. Nicole got herself a new pair of Intuition Liners and no longer has to wear two pairs of socks and tape her feet, and I got new Icebreaker!

On our first day at Rogers Pass we had some fresh snow. Only Grizzly was opened of the permitted areas so off to Rogers Run we go.

Up Cannaught

Up the Shoulder with Tyler, Gav, Jo and Ben

Then we go down in Epic Rogers Pow!

Guido was a performer on this trip!

Picture of Rogers Run from Avalanche – NRC Gullies

2 runs, 1800m, 7hrs, 12.5km ( we did have lunch in the Hotel…)

Rogers Pass – Rogers Run at EveryTrail ( we took the scenic route on our first climb up)

Video of Rogers Run Trees in Epic Pow

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