Whistler and Duffey Swiss Trip – Week 1

We met Guido in 2009 when he was in Canada on a mountain biking trip. He and three other friends rented an RV and did a big BC bike trip. We rode with them in when they came to Vancouver. Lee and I were in Switzerland last summer and we met up with them for another ride.
On this trip Lee went on to Guido about how great the skiing was in BC! So he came with his wife, Nicole, to check it out.

The forcast wasn’t the best, but our first week in Whistler and the Duffey were not bad!

First day was in the Joffre Lakes up to Taylor.

Day 1 1400m climbing 7 hours. Nice for a break in Day!

Joffre First Lake

Boot pack up to Heartstrings

We did a couple of laps off the Heartstring ridge

Then went back for the last run down heartstrings

Hi Roman!

Tuesday – Freezing levels were climbing to 1500m so we thought we’d check out the Whistler Slackcountry.

780m climbing, 5hours. Lesser Flute, Apostles, Cowboy Ridge and Singing Pass out.

Then we thought we’d check out another Duffey area – Steep Creek.

1100m climbing 6hours

The snow was definitely more wind affected here and the wind was blowing very cold from the North. This kept us in the trees.

Lee set of a little slide on a SE facing steep slope.

Fortunately the other slopes were better.

Chief Pascal. Thursday was supposed to be sunnier, but it wasn’t so we opted to go to our go to slope and check out some east facing slopes. Higher up it was wind affected but lower down it was not bad! Even lower the snow became more icy, but ok.

1100m, 7hours.

Cheques in the mail!

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