Santa Fe

Utah Fall Trip 2022

Oct 4

Timpanogos and Richfield || Brian Head || Grafton DH and Guacamole || Thunder Mt and VRRT || Little Creek and Page Rim Trail ||White Pocket || Gooseberry Mesa || Ely, Nevada

From here we drove to Santa Fe to check out the trails our friend Carl has been working on. Unfortunately we didn’t ride much as it rained, UGH. They’re creating a really nice network there that is worth visiting if you are in the area!

Our first ride was from Carls house in the La Tierra area. The next day we did a bus shuttle to Santa Fe Ski area there are a few options to ride down this hill. We also did a ride in the Arroyo Hondo Headwaters, where we rode the last time we were there in 2007, when it also rained… Another up and coming area we didn’t ride was Glorieta. At least there is a lot of good food in Santa Fe!

When we left Santa Fe we drove west through Valle Grande, and old ancient Caldera. We camped at the Ancient Aspen Grove Campground, Navajo National Monument Sunset Loop. Really nice campground. There is cell surface at this loop, not the Canyon View Loop.

  • Santa Fe Ski Hill – Winsor Trail – 24km, 1320m Descent, 300m Climb
  • Arroyo Hondo ride – 19km, 662m Climb and Descent.


Los Alamos office was in Santa Fe, cause Los Alamos didn’t exist…

Local trails within bike commute distance of Carl’s place in S Santa Fe

Did a misty evening ride on the Saddleback trail accessible via a short drive from Santa Fe. Nicely constructed for wet weather and drainage

Saddleback view to Santa Fe

FREE Bus Shuttle to the Santa Fe Ski area.

Winsor Trail

Few options down the mountain

Built by the ancients or stoners?

Tacos lunch between rides! Lee and Carl did a second lap in the rain. I went shopping for beer.

Second lap was a mistake. We were trying to do a different route but the storm rolled in so we bailed out halfway down Saddleback and froze our asses off riding back

More Mexican for dinner!

Arroyo Hondo – Fast and Flowy

Beer and food with the group we met skiing in BC in 2007!

Hike we didn’t do west of Los Alamos since it was rainy

Valle Grande Caldera

This is the dirt picked up from the drive! Nasty

Camping at Navajo National Monument near Kayenta

Ancient Aspen Grove.

Betatakin Cliff Dwelling

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