White Pocket Fold

Utah Fall Trip 2022

Oct 10

Timpanogos and Richfield || Brian Head || Grafton DH and Guacamole || Thunder Mt and VRRT || Little Creek and Page Rim Trail || Santa Fe || Gooseberry Mesa || Ely, Nevada

From Santa Fe we drove through Page to hike Buckskin Gulch. This is also the trailhead to the WAVE which is really difficult to get a permit for. BUT we did drive to White Pocket which was amazing and requires a 4X4 with high clearance to get to so it’s less busy. Apparently it still is very busy on the weekends. It would be easier to drive here from the South with an RV for part of the way, then the North part of the road which is more eroded and narrower. Make sure you take the Pine Tree road to Pine Tree Pocket Ranch unless you have the abilty to dig yourself out of sand.

Trailhead to the Wave and Buckskin
Buckskin Gulch
White Pocket
Evening Hike

An early morning ride

15km on a deep sandy road
25km on Pine Tree Road back to House Rock Road
Go this way unless you can dig yourself out of sand.
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