Gooseberry and Wire Mesa

Utah Fall Trip 2022

Oct 12

Timpanogos and Richfield || Brian Head || Grafton DH and Guacamole || Thunder Mt and VRRT || Little Creek and Page Rim Trail || Santa Fe || White Pocket || Ely, Nevada

After White Pocket we drove South on House Rock Road to Jacob Lake and back to Gooseberry to camp and ride. We wanted to camp here again since we couldn’t earlier in our trip due to weather. We also wanted to ride Gooseberry and do another ride on Wire Mesa.

We then stopped again near Cedar City to check out the Three Peaks trail network. We camped at Rocky Peak campground which requires a reservation. A nicer campground closer to Iron Hills Trails would be Pyramid Ridge Campground. Which also requires a reservation.

Our Gooseberry ride we rode out the North Rim, looped Yellow, to the View Point, back on the South Rim, through Hidden Canyon, back to South Rim and camp. Good ride!
Wire Mesa we did again counter clockwise.

At Three Peaks we rode Twilight Zone, to practice loop to Lost word to Big Hole Loop back down Orange Fork and Practice. Good place to to ride if its wetter or you’re looking for more XC riding. The ground is more sandy, course.

Gooseberry Mesa



South Rim

Hidden Valley

Wire Mesa

Three Peaks, Cedar City

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