Ely, Nevada

Utah Fall Trip 2022

Oct 14

Timpanogos and Richfield || Brian Head || Grafton DH and Guacamole || Thunder Mt and VRRT || Little Creek and Page Rim Trail || Santa Fe || White Pocket || Gooseberry Mesa

After Cedar City we hit our final destination which was Ely Nevada to see what Kent had going on! Ely is at an Elevation of 2000m. On the way we stopped at Great Basin National Monument to see if we could hike the Lehman Caves but they were full, so we did a short hike on the Alpine Lakes Loop.

In Ely we did three shuttles on Ward Mountain. Ward Mountain took us to 2500m.

Ride 1 – G-loop, Rope Tow Flow, Powderberry 17km. 775m Descent, 430m Climb
Ride 2 – Old Connector, Iceplant Left, 8km, 470m Descent, 40m Climb
Ride 3 – Old Connector, Iceplant Right, Total BS, Lower BS, Upper and Lower Slalom

We also rode at Cave Lake State Park, A reservoir with much recreation around it.
Cave Lake – 20km, 600m climbing and descending from 2150m to 2592m, which is a good cross country loop, then Lee and Kent shuttled Squaw Peak – 4km, 490m Descent

First we had breakfast in Cedar City, then the drive through Great Basin, then Mexican in Ely! At a Casino cause Nevada…

American Diner Breakfast in Cedar City

Brian Head

Alpine Lake, Great Basin

Mexican in Ely

At Ely. Ward Trails riding with Levi, his son Idyn and Kent.

Huck on Ice Plant

Then Kent took Lee on a shuttle tour of the Tears Fears and Beers enduro dropping in off Squaw Peak. Steep!

Cave Lake

Nice Climb, and Descent!

Lunch before our drive back to Vancouver!

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